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October 2015 update

November 17, 2015

MYOB purchases another well-known New Zealand payroll company

Following on from the purchase of Ace Payroll in May, MYOB has signed an agreement to purchase Hawkes Bay-based payroll solution provider, IMS Payroll.

For those of you using Ace and IMS Payroll, it is very much business as usual. You will receive that same great support through the same channels and receive updates as they have in the past. You will be updated with further developments. In the meantime if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or your ACE and IMS Payroll support teams.

Price changes


IMS announced a small price increase to their annual product support fees effective from 25th September.

EXO Employer Services

MYOB has reviewed the way that they manage client licensing for EXO Employer Services for clients who exceed their employee license counts by very small amounts (“goodwill”) and for clients who have a large seasonal component to their workforce.

The level of goodwill granted for clients in the past has been somewhat informal and subjective, depending on team member interpretation of business rules and their reading of License Exceed report.

It is better that it happens at the time of the increase rather than waiting until the end of the year.

The following changes in the EXO Employer Services product and our internal processes aims to remove inconsistencies and ensure consistency in MYOB and our partners’ responses to our clients.

Goodwill Limits

  • From version 2015.01, both AU and NZ now have Goodwill Limits built in to the product
  • Products will now send an immediate notification to the Business Partner and/or MYOB the first time a client exceeds their Goodwill Limit
  • The product will display a permanent ‘License Exceeded’ message until license is increased to correct band

Exo grace numbers


Xero Payroll – The key changes:

  • Payroll is being unbundled from the Standard and Premium plans
  • Clients on the Starter plan can now add payroll
  • Adding payroll will cost +$10 which includes one employee
  • Additional employees will cost +$1 per unique employee per billing cycle

Xero Pricing Plans

From 1 December 2015, these price changes will come into effect:

Xero pricing


Important notice regarding Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

The El Capitan GM release made available to developers by Apple earlier this month had an extremely serious bug which would erase all data belonging to server software, including MoneyWorks Datacentre data and Filemaker Server data.  If you are a datacentre user, please don’t install El Capitan on a Datacentre server (or in fact, probably any other computer) until you have heard from Cognito that it is safe to do so.


As per usual, you can never have too many.

Bionic Woman

I’m going to hospital on the 8th October for a full hip replacement of my right hip.  I’ve just completed the fastest new install of a toilet and shower in the history of my renovations so that I do not have to climb stairs to use the bathroom.

Hip joint

I should be up and around the same day but not allowed to drive for six weeks.  Phone or text if you need me, I’ll have my phone and laptop with me in hospital.  If I’m feeling well, I’ll be more than happy to have someone to talk to and something do.

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